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“ANIMAL” Powerful for “BOX OFFICE”

Ratings – 4/5


Music – Vishal Mishra ,Manan Bhardwaj ,Pritam.

The movie is all about father-son Anil Kapoor plays Balbir Singh, who runs a business empire called Swastik Steels (featuring the “real” swastika symbol, not the twisted one used by the Nazis). His son Ranvijay Singh, played by Ranbir Kapoor is madly in love with his father. .The film begins with the director narrating the boy’s love and admiration for his father since childhood. However, A Rich Family Father remains occupied in work and couldn’t reciprocate the same to his son.The rest of the feature film is about a son who shows his unconditional love for his father and that he can protect him in any way he can.The Storyline witness Deep love for Rashmika Mandanna as Geethanjali who have been portrayed as Ranvijay Singh’s wife. Also adds some of Bobby Deol’s short as a powerful performance. Right from the beginning, the director leaves no stone unturned to show all kinds of animals – mostly wild animals that can kill someone without thinking.

By the end of the animals, the audience is unaware of how many people are killed with almost every type of weapon, axes, daggers, fire extinguishers, and a specially made machine gun that can easily shoot hundreds with a single shot at the tip of the iceberg of violence! It is made with the utmost love for those who enjoy gore and extreme violence . And then comes the arguement that insanity protects a loved one that his dad.

The father-son duo, especially the later seeking approval for his dignity, is pure madness in the right chapter. The first half looks good despite the mild insanity. It has moments that keep the audience indulged into the script and to some extent fall in love with Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s ability to portray love with great authority. Everyone has their own way of expressing their love for another, and the animal caretaker may be on the wilder side, but these are real emotions that need to be experienced. After the first storm passes, the second half goes from “bold to bloodier.” In fact, the first half is nothing compared to what can be seen in the second half, especially the climactic sequence of graphic violence and throat slitting followed by the killing. If effective display of violence is an art, then Sandeep Reddy Vanga is an artist and Ranbir Kapoor’s character is the best work of art!

As Animal have been passed through  “A” Grade certificate from the Censor Board, Animal is not just for adults, but it is for the faint of heart and those who cannot stand gore. This is a masterpiece if you love violence. If not, that’s pure madness. So if you love violance and don’t have any allergic to Wild  scenes then this one is for you.

Go watch it

Disclaimer – This Movie is not for all age group even though you an Adult. This movie have some content which ll show unprecedented murders and killing . Thus, Beware of the content and enjoy the movie.

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