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Filmmaker, tech expert and Guinness world record holder MANI SHANKAR, of 16 December, Tango Charlie and Knock Out fame, visualized, designed and directed the 3D Laser Projection Mapping show….

Mumbai / Vijay Kamble

The evening of 25th April saw a 3D laser extravaganza like none other. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi inaugurated the event on-line as the 55 foot giant Hanuman Statue at the Seetaramaswami Temple came alive before a stunned audience and media. The show is produced and presented by T S Pattabhiraman Trustee, Sri Seetharamaswami Temple Trust.

Speaking about the music, Bollywood composer Roshin Balu said that* “The director wanted to deliver a feel of “Thrissur Puram”, the festival of elephants for which the city is famous. So I added the ‘Mund’ percussions and Nadaswaram to give a distinctive feel to the sound track.”
Anjali Joshi the production Designer added that “The director wanted to present the show with a dominant theme of gold. Thrissur being a India’s leading city of gold jewellery. So we went ahead, added a gilt edge to the visual fabric, making the show an integral part of Thrissur landscape.”

*Mani Shankar describes his effort as ‘Re-imagining Divinity with Reverence*’. “There’s a concept known a Praana Pratishta in Hindu Ritualism, where a statue metaphorically comes to life by performing the correct procedures. What we have done in this show is to re-imagine that in visual emotive terms. As they watch, if people feel an added wave of bliss and reverence to Lord Hanuman, our efforts have borne fruit,” he adds.
Shri. T S Pattabhiraman, trustee of the temple added*, “We want to ignite the fire of devotion in the younger generation and this beautiful laser show has contributed so much to that cause.”

Shri Ramaswamy (Kanna) the co-producer adds*, “This is the first laser projection mapping show on a religious icon in Kerela.”
The end part has a Phala Sruthi with a soft trance chant of Ram Ram, leading the viewers to a serene silence. The visual-fabric has been inspired by the ancient & powerful ideas of Purusha Suktam of the Rg Veda, the vibrant lyrics of Goswami Tulsidas ji and Valmiki’s storytelling of Ramayana. Mani Shankar along with his associates has created a visual emotional metaphor of both the Invisible Divinity of the Nirakaara Purusha and its Visible Manifestations as Lord Rama and Lord Hanuman.
Mani Shankar and his team are Mobile 3D Lifesize holography experts, for which he holds the Guinness world record. They also work with AI integrated Augmented reality and Virtual reality.
शेअर करा

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